Frantic Ginger new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Frantic Ginger


Frantic Ginger is led by Nicki Tedesco, whose vocals (solo or blended) generate a radio-friendly resonance. Some of us hear 
a Gwen Stefani quality at times in “Sick As Freak,” where she’s well placed in the mix, riding over a burbling, bass-heavy riff. The song shows potential, but misses a prime opportunity to really soar. “At The Gate” suffers from a production scheme that makes everything sound thin and brittle, especially the drums. The band gets all effects-heavy on the metal-flavored “Suicide Note,” but ends up muffling the lead vocals. Overall, Frantic Ginger seems to be in need of more experience as a recording act. More work is needed to achieve a consistent sound and coherent identity.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: franticginger.com
Seeking: Distribution, Film/TV, Label
Style: Rock

Frantic Ginger - "Suicide Note"

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