Iron Reagan - "Crossover Ministry" music album review

Music Album Review: Iron Reagan - "Crossover Ministry" (8/10)

Anchored by Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta and bassist Land Phil and rounded out by ex-Darkest Hour skin-slapper Ryan Parrish, former A.N.S. guitarist Mark Bronzino and Hellbear bassist Rob Skotis, Iron Reagan are no strangers to the word “Crossover,” with its ubiquitously accompanying descriptions of the band’s sound: “crossover thrash,” “crossover punk,” etc. Metal through and through, Crossover Ministry captures the quintet blazing through 18 songs in just 30 minutes, leaving no time to breathe or think about anything but impending doom. Indeed, the clock is ticking.

Score: 8 out of 10

Iron Reagan
Crossover Ministry
Relapse Records
Producer: Land Phil