Moises launches Music.AI, first-of-its-kind ecosystem delivering enterprise-grade AI services

Music.AI platform delivers enterprise-grade models and infrastructure as enterprise demand explodes for ethical AI for audio applications

As the award-winning Moises consumer apps have grown to reach over 40 million users, the company has built an unequaled AI platform infrastructure that currently processes more than one million minutes of audio daily. Combined with a vast collection of AI models capable of processing massive amounts of content and rendering results quickly, the company has been quietly serving enterprise clients for years. Exploding demand among enterprise clients, including agencies, record labels, publishers, tech partners, and developers has been a key driver in the launch of Music.AI.

Rather than sourcing multiple services from multiple providers, Music.AI allows companies to quickly build and scale AI products and services. The first-of-its-kind ecosystem includes a wide range of proprietary AI models as well as carefully vetted best-in-class third-party technologies. The ability to easily combine any of Music.AI’s models without coding means Music.AI’s customers can save time in implementation and testing to quickly prototype and bring exponentially more powerful products and services to market.

“Our models are individually capable unto themselves, but we’ve built a one-stop hub with the ability to combine our various modules with those of third parties to create the powerful solutions demanded by top-tier clients,” says co-founder and CEO Geraldo Ramos. “The market for AI-powered music and audio applications is maturing away from point solutions in favor of broader, more capable, scalable solutions like Music.AI.”

Music.AI is currently operating at a massive scale–processing 1.2 million minutes of audio every day, powering 1700 applications, and serving more than 40 Million musicians and producers using the Moises B2C applications. The company will announce additional B2B partnerships with enterprise clients in the coming weeks.

Music.AI is seeing new demand beyond the music industry for applications such as voice modeling for localization. The company recently worked with Papa Johns to help localize TV commercials and adapt Hispanic translations featuring Shaquille O’Neal. The company also recently announced a preferred partnership with HYPERREAL®, leveraging Music.AI’s advanced voice modeling capabilities to generate synthesized speech and singing.

The company has also seen an influx in AI-powered audio restoration projects, similar to the technology used to capture John Lennon’s voice in The Beatles’ last single, “Now and Then.”  Music.AI played an integral role in the production of “Elis and Tom,” the documentary about legendary Bossa Nova artists Elis Regina and Antônio Carlos Jobim that debuted in the US this September. Much of the film was comprised of behind-the-scenes footage recorded in the studio in 1972. These original recordings were restored using Music.AI’s state-of-the-art source separation models.

Matt Henninger, Music.AI’s VP of Business Development and Sales, adds, “The launch of Music.AI perfectly reflects our vision and mission. Beyond the ability to scale, providing our platform to enterprise clients requires the highest quality, precision, and ethical standards. Serving a variety of client use cases has allowed us to create novel workflows that wouldn't be available from any single vendor.”

Music.AI's investment in attracting some of the world’s leading data scientists exemplifies the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between academic research and industry. The Music.AI platform provides an ideal environment for researchers to quickly actualize their innovations in the form of new applications and products.

“We believe that the synergy between scientific exploration and practical applications leads to faster advancements,” says Ramos, “This is why we continue to engage in key academic events to foster an exchange of ideas and engage with the leading thinkers in the field.”

Music.AI's investors include Kickstart, Monashees, Norwest, Goodwater, Toba Capital, Alumni Ventures, and Valutia. The company has over 80 employees based in Salt Lake City, New York, Europe, and Brazil.

About Music.AI

Music.AI is a leading provider of an AI-powered music and audio platform used by record labels, agencies, technology companies, and developers. More than 40 million users leverage tools powered by the Music.AI platform to process over one million minutes of audio daily.

More about Music.AI: https://music.ai

Photo: Geraldo Ramos, CEO