Focusrite Gives Plug-In Collective Members Black Rooster’s Magnetite for Free

From July 9 to September 3, members of Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective community can download Black Rooster Audio’s Magnetite tape emulation plug-in for free, and take advantage of an exclusive discount on their Compressor Bundle.

Magnetite infuses your digital productions with the sonic texture and energy of analogue tape, beefing up drums and basses, boosting vocal presence, and bringing cohesion and colouration to the master bus. Whether you’re working with live drums, guitars and vocals, or making dance and electronic music entirely ’in the box’, it’s an effortless and instant solution for adding palpable analogue vibe, weight and character to individual tracks and group busses. And needless to say, it’s of particularly direct relevance to producers of lo-fi, synthwave and other retro styles, where its evocative fluctuations and noise make it a powerful creative tool.


• Super realistic tape deck emulation plug-in for Mac and PC
• VST, Audio Units and AAX compatible
• Three Tape Types, each with its own frequency response and character
• 7.5 and 15ips Tape Speeds
• +3 and +5dB Bias options
• Wow and flutter control
• Authentic tape noise and mains hum emulation
• Playback synced GUI animation

During the same period, Plug-in Collective members will also find a discount code in their Focusrite account to redeem against Black Rooster’s amazing Compressor Bundle, bringing the price down to just $249 – a massive saving on the regular $684 tag. A versatile collection of analogue-modelled plug-ins, Compressor Bundle comprises emulations of five classic compressors, and an all-new zero-latency design created in collaboration with multi-platinum mix engineer Koen Heldens.

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