Focusrite's Plug-In Collective Can Download 'Cream2' Free

Between March 25th and May 27th, Plug-in Collective members can download Cream2 – which normally retails for $199 – for free.

Built on Acustica Audio’s Acqua Engine convolution technology, Cream2 recreates a collection of iconic British analogue hardware manufactured between the late ‘50s and early ’70s, across three separate ‘module’ plug-ins and a complete channel strip. Cream Pre offers a choice of transistor-based line/mic and tube-based tape deck preamplifier emulations; Cream Comp is a compressor in transistor and vari-mu valve variants, featuring an external sidechain input and dry/wet mix control; and Cream EQ models two classic console equaliser circuits, with Bass, Treble, Presence and Magic bands, the last switching between a variety of responses.

The headline act, however, is the main Cream Channel Strip, which brings the Cream Pre, Comp and EQ modules together in a single integrated plug-in for luxurious full-on console emulation.

With its warm, musical sound, and the ability to mix and match vintage circuits within and between its modules, Cream2 is just the thing for bringing a touch of analogue class to any in-the-box production.

Key features:
• Built on Acqua Engine convolution technology
• Impulse responses sampled from legendary British consoles, tape decks, compressor and EQ
• Complete vintage channel strip, comprising preamp, compressor and four-band EQ
• Separate preamp, compressor and EQ plugins
• Mix and match solid state and valve-based circuitry within Cream Channel Strip and Cream EQ

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