Close Up: Mackie

It Started with a Compact Mixer: Launched by Greg Mackie in 1989, the Mackie brand started off designing a professional music and record- ing mixing console that evolved into the industry standard VLZ mixer line. The company branched into powered loudspeakers, studio monitors and DAW control surfaces throughout the years, always focused on bringing pro features to more users.

Combination of a Digital Mixer, Powered Loudspeaker and Bluetooth® Streaming and Control: Mackie’s portable PA systems, Reach and FreePlay, emerged from the company’s desire to combine their unique technology platforms of digital mixers, powered loud-speakers and Bluetooth® streaming and control. FreePlayTM is a unique form factor evolution of a traditional boom box. Mackie bills it as the ultimate stereo PA with a portable, battery powerable design for amazing sound anywhere. Perfect for smaller performances and presentations such as coffeehouse singer/songwriters, busking, bars, restaurants, hotels and schools, it has Bluetooth® music streaming capabilities from any device and connections for mics, guitars and other products. Users can play music or backing tracks using Bluetooth® and connect to their device for wireless control on all input levels, channel EQ and 16 digital effects via the Mackie Connect app for Android and iOS.

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No Longer Out of Reach: Mackie’s flagship product in its new portable PA category is Reach, the ultimate, all-in-one professional PA system that delivers clear sound to the user’s entire audience and provides flexible built-in stage monitoring to ensure a top level performance. Reach utilizes ARC array technology to provide an ultra-wide 150 degrees of coverage for crystal clear sound to an entire audience even in large or wide spaces. Combined with the powerful built-in six-channel digital mixer with complete wireless streaming and control via the Mackie Connect app, Reach empowers musical performance with the best possible sound and control in any situation.

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