Missing Piece Records Bonds with Fluff and Gravy Records for Marketing and Distro

Missing Piece Records has announced a marketing and distribution agreement with Fluff and Gravy Records. Over it’s now decade long history, Fluff and Gravy Records has made a name for itself by developing young artists including Margo Cilker, Anna Tivel, Jeffrey Martin, and Kassi Valazza, as well as working with established artists such as Richmond Fontaine, David Dondero, Freakwater, Sean Rowe, and Jim White. With nearly 100 releases from 30+ artists ranging from traditional British folk revival and garage punk to indie pop and Americana, the Portland, OR-based label continues to grow a family of artists who are complementary to each other, without getting bogged down by the constraints of genre.Missing Piece Founder/CEO 

Michael Krumper stated, “Over the last dozen years, Fluff and Gravy Records has built an enviable roster of artists, and a reputation for being a label that artists trust unreservedly. John Shepski’s devotion to the musicians that he works with is combined with unerring taste for brilliant acts. I’m thrilled to partner with John to help those artists expand their reach via our marketing team and partnership with our distribution colleagues at The Orchard. With new releases by Margo Cilker, Jeffrey Martin and Anna Tivel, Fluff and Gravy Records is poised to have its most successful year ever.”Fluff and Gravy Co-Founder/President John Shepski added, “We’re excited to be partnering with Missing Piece Records for distribution and label services as we take the next step in our development. It was important for us to find a partner that was passionate, had an ‘artist-first’ philosophy, and a track record of success. Missing Piece fits that bill perfectly, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.”

Earlier this summer, NPR Music’s Ann Powers called Fluff & Gravy “the West Coast's finest little label.” Last Friday, they released Margo Cilker’s highly anticipated sophomore album Valley of Heart’s Delight. In an in-depth feature interview, Rolling Stone named Cilker an “Artist You Need To Know” and praised her “stunning second album,” which received Stereogum’s coveted “Album of the Week” distinction, calling Cilker “a remarkable lyricist carving out her own space within a grand tradition.”