Ancara Breaks Concert Record

Finnish Band Breaks Concert Record with QSC

The world record for the highest live music concert has been set by Finnish band AncarA. Following an 18-day trek up Mount Everest with equipment in tow, the concert relied upon a portable system of QSC K Series speakers and a 16-channel TouchMix mixer.

“Finding a sound system to climb Everest was a tall order, to say the least,” recalled AncarA lead singer Sammy Salminen. “We needed a new system to meet many requirements—rugged enough for an extreme climate, reliable and easy to plug in and play so that we could do sound check at any point, light and easy to pack and carry, and most of all, powerful enough to deliver great sound at a live outdoor rock concert on top of a mountain. QSC TouchMix and K Series met all our requirements, and the performance was indeed over the top.”

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Taking place at a height of 4,410m, AncarA band members Salminen (lead vocals), Toni Hintikka (bass), Tuomas Keskinen (guitar, vocals), Juha Wahlsten (guitar, vocals) and Rale Tiiainen (drums) and hip-hop artist Signmark performed the half-hour concert on Everest. With the absence of roadies and sound engineers at such heights, the band members reportedly set up and operated all the equipment themselves for the show.

“We did all the setup and equipment operation ourselves for the concert, including the TouchMix mixer,” confirmed Salminen. “TouchMix was very easy to use—anyone could do it—and it performed beautifully.”

“Before embarking on our Everest climb and the concert, we met with Joni Puiras from Top Sound in Finland, who was so supportive of us playing the world’s highest concert that he sponsored our efforts and loaned us the QSC equipment,” added the lead singer. “After the trip, we were so impressed that we bought our own TouchMix and K Series for the band—that’s how great they performed for us.”

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