Milestone Publicity Opens Nashville Office, Hires Associate Publicists

Milestone Publicity — a full-service public relations firm — has moved their headquarters to Nashville, TN following the firm’s 2019 origination in Los Angeles, CA.

Teaming up with clients to effectively promote brands, singles, albums, tours and more, Milestone Publicity collectively has over 25 years of experience executing campaigns in the ever-changing media landscape. Since the company’s inception, notable clients that have shaped the firm's roster include: iconic names such as Kiefer Sutherland and John Dolmayan of System of a Down, groundbreaking new artists such as The Dryes and Anna Shoemaker and music-focused businesses such as Ghostwriter Music Group and Songbird City.

With the move, Milestone Publicity has hired two new full-time Associate Publicists — Jessica Bonner and Shania Smith — to join the company’s team of passionate PR professionals, effective immediately. Both originally from the Greater Boston area, the duo’s diverse backgrounds and experience bring new perspectives to client projects.

“Milestone has grown quickly and I couldn't be more excited about Jessica and Shania joining the team,” says the company’s founder and CEO, Mike Gowen. “If someone were to tell me over eleven years ago when I started working in the music industry that one day I would be leading a team of passionate publicists representing an eclectic roster of icons, emerging artists and companies, I wouldn't have believed it. But here we are and I couldn't be more thrilled about the trajectory Milestone is on!”

“Jessica and Shania both bring a level of drive and passion that is extremely hard to find,” adds Gowen. “I’m really excited to watch their careers further take flight and ascend to new heights.”

Jess Bonner

About Jessica Bonner: 

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Jessica Bonner moved to Los Angeles. Having a lifelong passion for the entertainment industry and a previous recording contract/artist with Rounder Records, she decided to transition into the business side of music. Bonner secured a desk within the public relations field, and built her resume with hands-on experience of regional and national publicity campaigns for festivals including Made in America and Ohana Festival, tours, releases and iconic artists such as Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, and much more. Detouring into restaurant and event PR, Bonner was heavily involved in creative campaigns, planning and organizing local community events in addition to marketing and social branding. Bonner is now excited to be back solely in the music public relations world.

Shania Smith

About Shania Smith: 

Shania Smith broke into the music industry in 2013 as a regional production member for major tours such as Warped Tour, Aerosmith, Slash, 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. Smith then moved to Tennessee in 2016 earning a degree in Music Business from Middle Tennessee State University where she found her core interest being public relations. Securing a position on Music Row, she took on national and regional coverage for top Nashville country artists — Chase Rice, Presley & Taylor, Gary Morris — and local venues in the heart of Nashville such as Johnny Cash Kitchen & Saloon, Skull’s Rainbow Room, Nudie’s Honky Tonk, Johnny Cash Museum, Patsy Cline Museum and House of Cards. After seven months away from the music industry due to the pandemic, Shania is bringing her media training, social branding and campaign expertise to Milestone Publicity and ready to dive back into the music industry.


About Milestone Publicity: 

Milestone Publicity — founded by industry professional Mike Gowen and now headquartered in Nashville — is a full-service public relations firm built to represent the needs of music and lifestyle clients in the modern age of media. The company teams with clients to generate awareness in the media to effectively promote their brands, singles, albums, tours and much more. With a combined 25 years of experience, Milestone Publicity delivers well-executed campaigns in the current media landscape for its eclectic roster of clients. Every campaign is built around client goals and Milestone has the experience, relationships and tools to attain those goals.

For more information about Milestone Publicity, visit their website