Miage Skincare Makes Its Debut via the Grammy Gift Basket

Celebrities attending the Grammys always receive a pile of goodies from companies looking to have stars associate themselves with their products. Although the pandemic means this edition’s gifts will be delivered directly to recipients’ homes, business never sleeps, the show must go on and artists will still receive their pile of treats. Among the most exciting items included in 2021’s collection is a sampler from Miage Skincare, a line of beauty products that launched last year.

The link between Miage and the music industry is stronger than one might expect. The company’s mysterious founder wishes to remain anonymous, as she wants attention placed upon the effectiveness of Miage’s offerings instead of herself. A woman of color as well as a duchess, her entire life has been surrounded by music. For years, she’s worked with pianist and composer Omar Akram. Awarded Best New Age Album in 2013, he became the first Afghani-American to win a Grammy.

The late husband of the Miage creator was a renowned research scientist, whose areas of expertise included stem cells. Over decades of learning, he discovered the isotonic properties of cactus juice. To start, the healing qualities were applied to burn ointments. Eventually, the realization dawned on them that non-traumatized skin could also benefit from the release of regenerative nutrients.

Miage invented a mechanized way of extracting juices from the La Milpa cactus, which is native to both California and Mexico. Eliminating human contact leaves the product pure. “Most skincare lines are 90% water,” explains Tyler Barnett, the beauty treatment’s brand manager. “If there’s water in your skincare, it’s going to either sit on top of your skin, because there’s a layer of oil, or it’s going to evaporate.” Miage uses no hydration at all. Instead, Miage’s products are based purely around the serum extracted from these plants. All production is handled in the United States.

Another feature that helps Miage stand above its competition is its applicator. A cold, metal ball on the end scoops up just the right amount of serum every time and allows for touchless application. It’s an element that’s perfectly suited for our pandemic-panicked times.

Celebrities can expect to receive a lip-gloss, along with samples of the skincare newcomer’s night cream, day cream and eye cream. The entire package is valued at around $500. Perfect for everybody, Miage is appropriate for men as well as women. It’s also fantastic for all types of skins, including those affected by conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Although Barnett recommends people begin using their products in their early 20s, there are no age restrictions. “There’s no right or wrong time when you should start,” he instructs.

Miage decided that getting their offerings into the hands of celebrities was a better choice than conventional marketing. In addition to being part of the Grammy Gift Basket, they are also offering red carpet events for V.I.P.s. “We don’t want somebody who’s easily influenced by traditional ads,” continues Barnett. “We’re looking for people who are a little more present, maybe are tired of the traditional market for skin care. They’re tired of the false promises.” According to him, they only need to satisfy users to spread the word. “We think that, as long as people try it, that’s all we need to grow the brand.”

Although Miage is avoiding magazine and television advertising, they filmed a music video as part of their promotional efforts. Miage’s reclusive founder reunited with Akram to record a song that reflects the company’s philosophy of finding one’s spiritual center and remaining in the moment. It’s a value that lines up perfectly with musicians, who rely on staying in touch with their inner beings in order to tap into their creativity.

The organization remains open to working with artists who align with their holistic perspective. Points out Barnett, “We’re looking for artists who are deeply embedded in the present, who are not so involved with their egos but with their hearts and souls.” Artists wanting to become ambassadors should get in touch via their website.

The skincare company’s commitment to the music world extends beyond merely working alongside well-established performers. They also strive to forge meaningful bonds with independent musicians. Associations with music-related charities are already in the works.

Although this is not the only awards show gift basket in which Miage will appear, it is their first, as well as their most valued. In fact, becoming a part of the Grammy Gift Basket was the idea of Miage’s maker. Naturally, the organization hopes to be included in 2022’s version. As Barnett puts it, “Our founder spent her whole life inspired by music. And music inspired her to create this line.”

For more information go to miageskincare.com