Keel Launches Record Label Thirty Knots, Open New Recording Studios

Keel founders Joey Papoutsis and Peter Rugo announced the launch of Thirty Knots, the company’s sister record label and recording studios based in Los Angeles. Both Keel and Thirty Knots specialize in indie-alternative, crossover electronic, pop-rock artists as well as social media influencers. Artist Nicky Youre is the first major success story from the newly established label, earning over 54 million Spotify streams for his song “Sunroof” and building an instant cadre of fans.

When putting the label together, Papoutis and Rugo wanted to create a fully integrated music business that can identify, cultivate and bring independent artists to the market.  Thirty Knots was founded with the intention to develop a company dedicated to artist investment and incubator extension as well as developing and building sustainable careers for clients with a focus on ensuring artists' lifelong participation in intellectual property rights and royalty streams that include a monthly payment model for clients.

The Keel Studios are also an integral part of the Keel/Thirty Knots tryptic company as it offers a place for artists, producers and clients to meet, create and record onsite.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to publicly launch Thirty Knots and provide artists the opportunity to work with a forward thinking label that bestows a manager perspective, an innovative digital marketing approach and attention to detail that is vital to success in today’s ultra-competitive modern landscape," state Keel Founders Peter Rugo & Joey Papoutsis.

Both Keel and Thirty Knots boast a roster of established, heavily streamed artists including Coachella veterans Louis the Child (Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett) and Two Feet (Zachary William “Bill” Dess) who are signed to Interscope and formally Republic Records respectively, as well as breaking Nicky Youre, Fran Vasilic, and Sebastian Paul.

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