Mediabase and Spintel Partner in License Agreement

Spintel, a new company changing the way music industry professionals interact with radio airplay data, has entered into a licensing agreement with Mediabase, it was announced by Spintel Founder Rob Dalton. The Spintel platform provides a new generation of analytical and management tools for visualizing and interpreting airplay data. Actionable insights will benefit promotion teams artists, managers, agents, buyers, and other areas of the music industry. Initially launched for Country and Christian labels, Spintel plans to rapidly expand into other formats. 

Mediabase, the well-known 360-degree reporting service, provides vital airplay information and in-depth analytical tools for media professionals. The licensing agreement with Spintel will allow Mediabase subscribers to use Mediabase data in the Spintel platform.

President and CEO of Mediabase Philippe Generali comments, “We are always looking for initiatives to increase client benefits. Now Mediabase’s unmatched radio airplay data will power Spintel’s analytics platform. The partnership propels understanding of music consumption across geographies and formats.”

Spintel, which is planning an official launch in the spring, uses raw airplay data to calculate next best moves in navigating a song up an airplay chart. The data will reveal where the most likely stations potentially adding a single are located and what stations are likely to increase play. Standard and Relative song comparisons in the system will compare one song to another song regardless of time frame. For instance, the growth trend of a current single to a growth trend of that artist’s last single. This a small sample of the many features the MVP level of Spintel will offer. 

For additional information about Spintel or for a demonstration, contact Rob Dalton, [email protected].