Man Made Music

Man Made Music Seeks VR Audio Programmer

Man Made Music and EccoVR are looking for a Audio Programmer to join their freelance VR / AR audio team.

• Work alongside EccoVR sound designers & client game programmers to integrate sound & music into upcoming VR & AR projects
• Advise on out how to use existing technology to achieve new and unique audio features for spatial sound

• A strong interest in audio processing and creating awesome VR experiences with best-in-class audio implementation
• At least 2 years of professional programming experience
• Ability to work independently and efficiently under deadlines
• Proficiency in C/C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio
• Strong communication and teamwork skills
• Experience with Wwise Middleware
• Experience working with Unreal Engine 4 & Unity
• Experience with 3D audio SDK’s such as FB360 (.TBE), Steam VR (Phonon), Oculus Audio

• Familiarity with mixing, sample rates, data compression filters, reverbs, etc.
• Experience implementing and mixing for 3D spatialized audio and interactive environments, including ambisonic audio tracks
• Experience/interest in making custom abstract behavior and/or interactive music systems

Interested parties, please send resumes to: [email protected]

For more, visit manmademusic.com/hiring-freelance-vr-audio-programmer/