MAGIC! Sign with ONErpm

Canadian band MAGIC!, known for the 2014 smash hit “Rude” have released their newest single, “Good Feeling About You.” The band recently signed to next-generation music company ONErpm who will globally release all future projects. “Good Feeling About You” is the first release via ONErpm and the latest track from their upcoming album Inner Love Energy, due later this year.

Listen to “Good Feeling About You

The new single from MAGIC!, already available in all streaming platforms via ONErpm, balances nostalgia and innovation, bringing in new sounds, without forgetting their roots. In the lyrics, the group sings about how someone special can bring a new glitter to our lives – creating a hymn to “human connection”.
Signed and represented by ONErpm’s Portugal General Manager, Nuno Rocha, MAGIC! join a global roster that includes British singer Kelli-Leigh and local artists Chelsea Dinorath, Badoxa, Mundo Segundo, MC Prego Prego and more. In addition to signing MAGIC!, ONErpm’s Rocha has been responsible for the discovery of artists like Mozambican singer Boy Teddy, elevating Portuguese exposure of artists like MC Fiotti and Vitor Kley, and working alongside some of Portugal’s biggest music festivals.

“We’re so excited to finally be sharing this song. It feels like we really found this perfect balance. ‘Good Feeling About You’ is about the way someone very special makes you feel, the way they make you brighter and lighter”, the band explains, adding: “But it’s not a love song, it’s a human connection song. We all need these people in our lives! Hang on to them if you find one!”.

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