Album Review: Lovely by Boreen (9/10)

As if the Portland, OR indie grunge band Boreen couldn’t get any more aggressively hip, their newest album Lovely was just released on vinyl. The mistily distant vocals, the pairing of deep-in-the-subconscious ideas with everyday universal brain-hiccup lyrics, the pops of elusive electronic sounds: every bit of it makes up the moody dreamland of the record. Songs like “Gaining Weight” and “Buzz” scratch the ear like a file on a jagged fingernail you’ve been bothered by all day; it releases the angst by clicking in just the right way. Meanwhile “Solitude,” “Butterfly” and title track “Lovely” leave you humming sweet, smug, Scorpio, smarter-than-you melodies for days.

Rating: 9/10

Good Cheer Records
Producer: Morgan O'Sullivan