Los Angeles College of Music Partners with DISCO Platform

LACM students attended an exclusive event in Hollywood with @concordmusicpub and @disco.ac to celebrate the legendary @faniarecords catalogue.

The Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) has announced its exciting new partnership with DISCO, a leading music management and sharing platform. The collaboration represents a significant step forward in LACM’s commitment to providing cutting-edge music education and empowering the next generation of music industry professionals. This is DISCO’s first-ever academic partnership and allows LACM students access to exclusive listening parties and events where they can mingle with music supervisors and top industry executives.

As music continues to evolve in the digital age, LACM believes it’s crucial to equip students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the music industry. DISCO’s innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of music management, sharing and collaboration tools, making it the perfect partner for LACM’s forward-thinking approach to education.

Key features of the partnership include:

●        Hands-On Learning: LACM students will have access to DISCO’s platform, allowing them to engage in real-world music distribution and collaboration experiences. Students can keep all of their music, lyrics and projects neatly stored in one place, and can seamlessly store, manage and share tracks with collaborators or potential partners.

●        Exclusive Workshops: DISCO will provide exclusive workshops and training sessions for LACM students and faculty. These sessions will cover topics such as music distribution strategies, copyright management, and best practices for collaborating with other artists.

●        Industry Connections: Through DISCO’s extensive network LACM students will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, record labels, and fellow musicians, helping them kickstart their careers and build lasting relationships within the music industry. They can showcase their scores in audio or video format -- perfect for filmmakers and game developers.

●        Cutting-Edge Resources: LACM’s curriculum will be enhanced with the latest tools and resources offered by DISCO, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education that aligns with current industry standards. Students can dive into real-time analytics, tracking who is listening to their shared tracks to gain invaluable insight, and can use DISCO pages to create a sleek, professional presentation of their musical journey – like a dedicated website, but faster and uniquely tailored for music.

“We are thrilled to partner with LACM and support the development of the next generation of music industry professionals,” said Karl Richter, CEO of DISCO. “DISCO stands for ‘Discovery, Intuitive Search & Creative Organization.’ This collaboration reflects our shared dedication to innovation, education and empowering artists worldwide.”

“As an institution, LACM continually looks ahead,” said Erin Workman, LACM Executive Vice President and Department Head, Songwriting & Music Business. “We’ve noted an increasing demand for graduates with DISCO knowledge in the professional music arena. Our partnership with DISCO allows us to set our students up for success and equip them with the tools necessary to turn their dreams of a career in music into a reality.”