Reyna Tropical Signs to Psychic Hotline

Reyna Tropical announces her signing to Psychic Hotline and presents a new single, Ya Va Pasar." Investigating landscapes of the tropical diaspora, Reyna Tropical is a musical exploration of intuition, transition, connection and continuation—a celebration of spiritual survival pulsing with the beat of all things tropical. The group is led by guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Fabiola Reyna, who is also the founder of She Shreds Media. “Ya Va Pasar” is the first song Reyna wrote after the passing of her friend and bandmate in ReynaTropical, Sumohair (Nectali Diaz,) and bears witness to her journey through grief. Reyna and Diaz were originally brought together through the powerful connection and spiritual transcendence that came from writing music and documenting moments. This song is the first step of continuing in solidarity with the band’s founding vision: to be a voice and a platform for the joy and injustices living within the spectrum of Queer Love & Afro-Mexico.
In 2022, following Diaz’s passing, Reyna was faced with the difficult and deeply personal question of whether she should continue their musical project. “Being in the thickest part of my grief during the winter after he passed, a lot of insecurities and self doubt came up,” Reyna explains. Doing many things alone for the first time, Reyna describes this time as discouraging and scary. “I was questioning my own creative ability and whether or not Reyna Tropical could continue.”

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