Apogee Electronics Certified By the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Apogee Electronics a business specializing in professional audio technology, has announced national re-certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the WBEC WEST, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC Certification is the gold standard for women-owned business certification in the United States.
"Beyond the immediate benefits of WBENC certification, I see it as a long-term investment in the future. It sends a message to the next generation of female entrepreneurs that they too can build successful businesses. It's about creating a legacy of opportunity and paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic business landscape." – Betty Bennett, CEO
The WBENC standard of certification implemented by the WBEC WEST is a meticulous process, including an in-depth review of the business and a site inspection. The certification process is designed to confirm that the business is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or women and that it has appropriate structure and strategic business planning and implementation in place.