Kelly Clarkson at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN

Flashing back to all of her greatest hits throughout her incredible career, a video montage plays on the large screens above the stage of Bridgestone Arena.  The time has come.  Kelly Clarkson is here to bring The Meaning of Life Tour to Nashville.  The arena explodes with love for the singer as a single spotlight hits the end of the runway where she emerges to sing "A Moment Like This" acapella. Wearing a long, gorgeous, shimmering,  black gown with a red, glistening strip down the left side, Clarkson has a sort of rocker, glam vibe going and I love it.

The stage goes black, the beat drops and the runway is lined with laser-like lights pointing in every direction.  Oh, this is going to be good, but we already knew that!  Going right into "The Meaning of Life" I feel as if I'm being taken to church with the gospel-like instrumentals and background vocals.  How is her voice so flawless?  

Introducing an upbeat horn section, the set flows right into "Walk Away" released in 2004 but just as popular today.  If you're not moving to this show by now, do you even have a pulse?  Moving from the right side of the stage to the left, Clarkson makes a quick round to see fans sitting on either side.  Clarkson hasn't toured for 3 years and we were all eagerly awaiting her return.  Before "Love So Soft" Clarksonreminds us that tonight is all about art, having fun, dancing, that we all just want to be loved and we should share the love.  Did I mention Kelly Clarkson has one of the absolute, best voices of all time?  Just making sure we cleared that up before I continue.

One of my favorite songs on Kelly's album, The Meaning of Life, is "Whole Lotta Woman".  The sass and confidence factor is through the roof on this one!  This is our anthem ladies!  Strutting up and down the runway with her backup singers, it's definitely an empowering moment.  How could Kelly not throw us back to "Behind These Hazel Eyes"?  I remember screaming this song while driving down the country roads of my hometown.  I mean, I was about 14 years old so I was old enough to be fired up over some stupid boy that upset me, right?  We've all been there and I'm sure I'm not the only one who used this song to tell them off.  Polar opposite feelings emerge when Kelly goes into "My Life Would Suck Without You".  We all have that one person that comes to mind making us smile when we sing this hit.

Would it be a proper Nashville visit without inviting legend Reba McEntire to join the stage?  Nope.  I think most of the arena was hoping to catch her appearance because screams flooded the venue before Kelly could even finish announcing that she had a special guest.  Coming out to join Kelly for "Because Of You" Reba was rocking a gorgeous, dazzling, deep purple top.  Reba is major goals.  Of course Reba can't  suprise us just to sing one song!  Singing what I consider to be her most famous song, Reba treated us to a little bit of "Fancy" before sharing her new single "Freedom".  This song will be on Reba's new album, Stronger Than the Truth, which will release on April 5th. 

As if "Whole Lotta Woman" wasn't empowering enough, Kelly Clarkson, Brynn Cartelli and Kelsea Ballerini join voices for "Miss Independent."  You really feel as if you're singing right there with them celebrating your strength as a woman.  I love it!  The night isn't over just yet as the arena demands an encore with the loudest applause and praise.  Kelly resurfaces singing two covers, "It's Quiet Uptown" by Lin-Manuel Miranda and "Never Enough" by Loren Allred.  Wrapping up with "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" and "Since You Been Gone", I'd say she ended the night with two major hits to leave us wanting even more.  How could we not want more?  What an incredible show.  I highly recommend The Meaning of Life Tour to anyone and everyone.  It's a night full of fun, dancing, art, an amazing band and amazing voices.  Kelly Clarkson is so genuine and real and her tour reflects her.  Get your tickets now to a city near you!