The London Souls: Here Come The Girls

The London SoulsLondonSouls
Here Come The Girls
Soul On 10 Records
Producer: Tash Neal & Chris St. Hilaire
Score: 8 out of 10

Here Come The Girls is an inspired concoction of roots, pop, and rock. From the Beatle-esque ‘60s pop of “When I’m With You,” the rootsy grit via The Band of “Bobby James,” to The Zombies influenced “Alone,” the band crisscrosses through a myriad of classic tropes. One might appreciate this more if you’re a twenty-something unaware of the aforementioned bands, but to older listeners it’s pleasingly familiar. Their passionate set intertwines earthy production, crunchy guitars, and dynamic shifts for acoustic compositions. The band rocks on “Steady Are You Ready” and “All Tied Down.” The London Souls wear their influences on their sleeves, but they know their way around a good song.

By Oscar Jordan