Lollar Pickups Announces New DC-90 Pickup

Lollar Pickups is a designer and manufacturer of electro-magnetic pickups for electric, bass, and lap steel guitars. The company has earned a reputation for excellence and quality, building pickups that combine the best of modern manufacturing methods with vintage voicing.

Jason Lollar’s P-90 was one of the pickups that first put Lollar Pickups on the map. Over the decades the company has been building pickups, a frequent request has been to offer a hum-cancelling/noiseless P-90—something that keeps their P-90’s character, while eliminating the hum. After fielding countless customer requests, the folks at Lollar Pickups were inspired to take on the task.

According to Lollar pickup designer Kevin Moe, “To build a hum-cancelling pickup that is true to the tone of the single-coil pickup on which it is based means altering the design in a significant, fundamental way. And of course, that can change the voice of the pickup just as fundamentally.” When experimenting with existing designs like stacked pickups and “sidewinders,” the Lollar crew found that they weren’t quite satisfied with the results, so they went back to the drawing board.

Moe worked on numerous iterations over a lengthy period of trial and error and ultimately landed on the design for the Lollar DC-90: a new P-90-inspired hum-cancelling pickup in a Soapbar size. It checked the boxes the company set out to check and it sounds very similar to Lollar’s 50s Wind P-90, but with much quieter operation at idle. The name DC-90 is a nod to both its dual-coil (DC) design and its tonal inspiration, the P-90 (90).

The DC-90’s inherent voice is musical and expressive, and of course, much quieter than a single-coil. It shares plenty with the tonal profile of a P-90 with its midrange-forward voice, snap, and natural grind.

Retail price for the DC-90 is $175 USD.

The DC-90 is available immediately and ships with a choice of black, cream, or white covers.

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