Livestream Review: Mia Mhoor

Livestream  Arooga’s • New Jersey

Contact: [email protected]

Web: mhoorart.com

Material: A soul singer from Asbury Park, Mia Mhoor performs original tunes that embrace her African heritage. According to her website, her music spreads messages of positivity and hope that are designed to uplift the marginalized. Her painfully brief set consisted of only three songs; it’s likely that her time was cut short as a result of the venue’s disorganization. She started with “Let Us Pray,” an obviously spiritual number. This was followed by “They Hatin’,” a ditty that explores the act of rising above criticism. Mhoor’s slot closed with “The Saga.” Each tune  was vocalized over pre-recorded instrumental tracks.

Musicianship: Mhoor has decent singing abilities. Her accent, though, presents difficulties, as it makes deciphering lyrics a challenge. She plays guitar as well, yet she did not strum her instrument this evening. It would have been nice to have this versatility on display. In addition to her music, Mhoor also creates and sells handmade jewelry. She is clearly an artistic woman with many hidden talents.

Performance: Kudos are to be given for squeezing mentions of her website and merchandise within such a serious time constraint. A sign bearing her name and logo was wisely propped up in the background. Song prefaces were delivered, but they were as difficult to understand as her lyrics; a poor PA system was the likely culprit. Although she has ample passion, one cannot escape the notion that Mhoor seemed strangely uncomfortable.

Summary: Mhoor is an independent artist brimming with good vibes and decent intent. Unfortunately, the way in which she was presented made it difficult to fully grasp her inner light. Poor technical execution and an incredibly limited runtime only allowed viewers a taste of her artistry. On a positive note, she is clearly a musical soldier, able to make the best of a difficult situation and earnest about taking her career forward. She also has a fantastic look and aims to use her music as a force for good. Perhaps at some point soon she’ll have better opportunities to beam her smile upon audiences.