Livestream Review: El Patio Tecate

Livestream  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: tecatebeerusa.com/elpatiotecate

Players: Krystall Poppin, Bo Bundy, MC Magic, D Smoke, and Miguel

Material: Hip-hop and R&B with a twist of Southern flavor. Krystall Poppin and Bo Bundy both are Texas-based emcees touching on topics from cars to bling to education and empowerment. MC Magic, from Arizona, hits home with auto-tune/ritmo music for the ladies. D Smoke, from Inglewood, CA, is a street emcee with a Christian-based flow. And Miguel, from Los Angeles, CA, is an R&B sensation who caters specifically to young ladies and mature women. This is straightforward, no gimmicks, good energy that is necessary for today’s musical climate.

Musicianship: Krystall Poppin spits effortlessly with poise and pizazz. Bo Bundy, on the contrary, is not only fluent in English and Spanish, but is laidback and has a concealed animated side to him. MC Magic uses a mic, talk box, and keyboard to color his music. D Smoke is lyrical and passionate as a solo artist. And Miguel is energetic in his songwriting. This line-up offered a refreshing look into urban musicianship, which was electric and uplifting.

Performance: An absent crowd can make things a bit dull; however, when each of these performers hit the stage, it was as if there were many in attendance. Each performer jumped right in and gave the best of himself to those tuning in via livestream. The stage lights complemented each artist’s wardrobe, while the different DJs per set added their own touch during each song. Their performances were all spot-on.

Summary: The way this line-up was curated is amazing. Tecate aimed to encompass Latin culture, specifically, by way of Mexican descent, alongside music that represented their people, and that was fully accomplished. Krystall Poppin, Bo Bundy, MC Magic, D Smoke and Miguel are complete artists who need to be in your playlist.