Carla Hassett Demonstrates BURL B16 MOTHERSHIP

BURL Audio Artist, Carla Hassett, has been using BURL gear in her workflow for several years. Last year, she added the B16 MOTHERSHIP to her home studio. Her B16 has the BMB4 Motherboard providing her with SoundGrid connectivity. The Daughter Cards she included in her home recording rig are the B4 MIC / LINE ADC Daughter Card along with the B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor Daughter Card.

In a video, Carla describes working on "Sempre Odara," an original song that won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and how the B16 Home Recording Solution has upgraded her workflow.

“It’s taking me to the next level… It’s an elevated situation. I’m definitely a step up from my old Apollo days.”