BURL Live Sound Solution, A Feast of Friends Event

Live production and recording studios have been moving towards the digital realm for years and show no signs of going back. With the release of the BURL B4 Mic Pre AD Daughter Card, the MOTHERSHIP can now be used for Live Sound applications, bringing studio quality sound to the stage.

On May 31 2019, BURL Audio set out to prove that the best of both worlds is possible. They put on a show called A Feast of Friends at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA, featuring 15 musicians playing a total of 22 songs with a wide variety of styles including opera, rock, soul and bossa nova. To make this possible, they utilized 2 B80 MOTHERSHIP's, and 1 B16 MOTHERSHIP for a total of 52 inputs, and 20 outputs. They used the BMB4 Motherboard with Waves SoundGrid connectivity, and recorded all inputs to two separate computers for redundant recording.

See how this system was set up in the video below.