BURL Audio Announces BURL TV Summer Concert Series

BURL Audio has announced the BURL TV Summer Concert Series beginning this Thursday, July 30 at 6 p.m. PDT, and continuing every Thursday evening for 10 straight weeks. The BURL TV Live Concert Series will present a new experience each week of colorful bands and musicians from varying genres of music. The first musical experience in the series will be Santa Cruz's samba powerhouse, SambaDá.

At the core of the sound production will be the BURL Audio B80 MOTHERSHIP LIVE Sound Solution featuring 6 B4 mic pre cards and 3 BDA8s for a 24x24 Live front end to a Digico console running Soundgrid. This state of the art audio system will run all of the mixes, including the musicians monitor mixes, and the live feed mix. The live audio will be fed via Dante to a NewTek 4k Mini Video switching and live broadcast system for a cutting edge, high-end audio and visual experience.  All analog IO and mixes, including the stage monitors and the live feed, will enjoy a huge quality boost via the B80 MOTHERSHIP Live Sound Solution.

Tune in on BURL's YouTube channel.