The Slit - Live Review - Photo by Matthew Belter

Live Review: The Slit at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

Material: If you love alternative rock similar to Bush, Tool or even Godhead you may enjoy what the Slit has to offer. Songs like “Run” and “Powder” are straight-up rock while “Elephant” is more of a ballad. “Nowhere” is the catchiest tune of the set with a nice balance of harmonics and discordant feedback.

The lyrics for their song “Isolate” are the most visual of the set: “I can barely breathe from all of the fumes/turning locks with keys to doors painted blue...” Again adding to the mood of the music, “...underwater now I can't seem to see...I can hold my breath until we both sleep.”

Musicianship: The music does indeed make you feel like you are inside an underwater vessel out of a Jules Verne novel, thanks to Bushey’s funk-wah guitar and seagull-call feedback. McGrogan delivers, especially on “Isolate” and “Run,” with bass drum builds, solid rhythm pickups and finales.

Bushey is spotlighted on “Nowhere” with very clean but dark toned instrumentals. “Elephant” features a solid melodic bass line from Liggitt. Overall the group frequently transition between numbers but they also take the time to tune up as needed.

Performance: The band definitely draws a crowd and attention thanks in part to their lighted costumes, which are something out of an H.R. Giger painting if not a Terminator film. Liggitt channels no less than Jim Morrison and Robert Plant during his performance of “Nowhere,” writhing on stage in a blaze of hologram colored strobe lights while still managing to turn out a decent bass solo. Unfortunately his vocals are low in the mix despite his apparent screaming. The band is fully capable of adjusting their dynamics (particularly on “Powder”) so that really didn’t seem to be the problem, rather a bad mic or cable short was perhaps the cause.

Summary: The Slit know how to put on a theatrical show. Some audience members complained that the fog machine was a little overdone, but it did add to the ambience. While there is not a tremendous amount of variety in the set, there are moments that mix up what is a generally consistent atmospheric style. Liggitt is a great leading man and is so focused he almost appears to be in a trance, which adds to the overall vibe of the group.

The Players: Dustin Liggitt, vocals, bass; Curtis Bushey, guitar; Mike McGrogan, drums.

Photo by Matthew Belter

Venue: The Mint
City: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/ComeOnDeath

The Slit - "Nowhere"

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