Live Review: Yago Boss

Bandcamp  Lima, Peru

Contact: [email protected]

Web: linktr.ee/yagoboss

Players: Yago Boss, turntables, mixer, mini pads, vocals

Material: Though some question its merit, excelling as a DJ takes vision and talent. Yago Boss proves this with a thumping blend of progressive and electro house music. His relentless grooves, incorporating everything from the blips and bloops of old-school video games to the familiar notes of Beethoven, keep the crowd in hyper real ecstasy. Seamlessly moving from one composition to the next, he gifts nightclub denizens with a grand, never-ending dance party. 

Musicianship: Judging the skills of a DJ presents an interesting conundrum. After all, how much dexterity is necessary to twist dials and press keys on a laptop? Such players must instead be measured by their capacity to pick and blend the right beats and samples. In this regard, Yago Boss has the makings of a superstar. Rarely does his set feel cookie cutter, and every note implores the audience to continue fist pumping. Interestingly, this show marked his return to the stage after a car accident resulted in a fractured hand.

Performance: Yago Boss gets the importance of visual appeal. Beginning with subway doors opening, a voice implored the viewer to enter. After a timer counted down, the train blasted off. In short order, the tunnel became a neon wormhole, eventually dumping the rider into a virtual club where the artist presided. During the set, an endless collage of imagery provided a surrealistic, fever dream backdrop. Clips of a roaring crowd brought the nightclub fantasy to life, as did digital smoke, fire, and confetti. Mostly,  Boss remained silent, but there were a few words of thanks in his native Spanish. Also, moments of exuberance were punctuated by shouts of “Let’s go!” A prerecorded fireworks display delivered a slick sendoff.

Summary: Success as a DJ remains elusive for most, yet Yago Boss seems to have what it takes to achieve fame. For starters, he understands that sound is but one aspect of the musical entertainer’s duties; the entire experience must be considered. His one weakness is audience communication. Once he’s sharpened that technique, there’s a reasonable chance he’ll be greeted by larger crowds. – Andy Kaufmann