Live Review: The New Hope Club at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles

Material: The New Hope Club is a “boy band” playing, you guessed it, pop, boy band songs, complete with catchy tunes, beautiful harmonies and lyrics full of teenage issues. The songs are likable, uplifting and melodic and they cater to the teen spirit in a positive light. Happy tunes like “Worse” and “Don’t Go Wasting Time” take you on little, two- and three-minute journeys to what could and what should be. 

Musicianship: The New Hope Club came out ready to play. Unlike most other "boy bands," The New Hope Club play their own instruments and don’t lip sync. They are well rehearsed in both the music and their stage performance and their confidence shows through. Superb singing abilities by Smith, Bibby and Richardson kept all the girls swooning from the sheer beauty of their vocals.

Performance: The performance was fantastic. Everyone was confident and relaxed onstage and it came off as inviting and alluring. The crowd went mad as Richardson, Bibby and Smith took turns addressing them. Technical difficulties merely became opportunities to joke and laugh, and even with a lot of glitches it was one big party. 

Summary: The New Hope Club is another boy band from the U.K. with one small difference; they play their own instruments and they play them well. All the tunes are uplifting. Even the heartbreak songs get you grooving and foot-stomping and waiting impatiently for the next one. All the songs are great, but the one that sticks out is “Don’t Go Wasting Time.” A beautiful guitar opening riff, beautifully sung by Bibby and impeccably harmonized by the rest of the band, and that… made for a perfect evening.

Web: newhopeclub.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Blake Richardson, guitar, vocals; Reese Bibby, bass, vocals; George Smith, guitar, vocals; Matt Woodburn, drums

Photo by Pierce Brochetti