Live Review: Kris Angelis

The Hotel Café  Hollywood CA


Contact: [email protected]

Players: Kris Angelis, guitar, vocals; Dana Bisignano, bass, piano; Charles Wiley, drums; Ashley Ng, cello; Alix Angelis, harmonies

Material: Kris Angelis’ music is Americana/pop with a dash of country sprinkled on top for good measure. Most of the tunes cry sadness and heartbreak, and although that is the case, the songs have a beautiful energy to them, conveying to the listener that “everything will be alright.” The opening song, “Win the Game,” set the stage for what was to come—a set of tunes that revealed the inner Kris Angelis, down to the core. 

Musicianship: Excellent musicianship graced the stage at the Hotel Café. Kris, with her superb vocals and guitar playing, intertwined vocally with her twin sister, Alix, to bring the audience some outstanding harmonies. Ashley Ng took each song to a whole new level as her cello danced with each song ever so elegantly. The rhythm section, comprising Bisignano and Wiley, held the reins to each song and walked, trotted and galloped with Kris at every moment, making the whole thing worthwhile.

Performance: The performance was great. Light and airy, everything went off without a hitch. Everyone was confident and relaxed and it showed. Storytelling and background to the music kept things very interesting as each song got a little intro about where it came from or how it was developed. Terrific audience acknowledgement kept everyone engaged and waiting for the next song. 

Summary: A beautiful performance overall by Kris Angelis and her crew. Winner of many coveted awards, like Best Female Album of 2013 for The Left Atrium and Best Female EP in 2016 for Heartbreak is Contageous, both given out by the LA Music Critics Awards. Although dark and eerie at times, Angelis’ music is well written and great to listen to. Her latest effort, Damn, Shame, Waste, is out now at all your local outlets and it would be a damn shame and waste to miss her next show.