Live Review: The Renee Casanova Band

The Universal Bar & Grill  N. Hollywood, CA

Web: reneecasanova.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Renee Casanova, vocals; Eric Jenkins, guitar; Robert Golden, drums; Stan Gefler, guitar; Diesel, bass

Material: The Renee Casanova Band is an all-out, in-your-face, hard-hitting rock & roll outfit equipped with two solid guitar players, an excellent rhythm section, and very strong, robust vocals. On the opener, “Black Night,” a tune written by Deep Purple, Gefler ripped through a solo that caught everyone’s attention and set the stage for an evening of fantastic rock & roll. The music was hard and loud, but very melodic and soothing at the same time. Juicy licks pulled you in and the voice just kept you glued.

Musicianship: Great musicianship all around. Jenkins and Gefler both had their fretboards ablaze; both extraordinary in their own right. Golden and Diesel were a solid backdrop for Casanova and her vocals to draw and paint as she wished. The vocals were very strong and solid and not a single missed note was heard all night. All great individual musicians, but put them together and you have a powerhouse team that’s hard to beat. 

Performance: The performance was great. Everything was clicking for the band. The music sounded great, and that gave Casanova the opportunity to dance seductively and address the audience. Smiling to her hearts content, she had everyone’s attention from the onset. Everyone onstage looked very relaxed and confident and that translated well to the audience. 

Summary: From the opening tune, the Renee Casanova had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. Tunes like “Why Did You Lie to Me,” “At All” and “Touching Me,” all drove that rockin’ metal vibe deep down to your soul and didn’t let up. It wasn’t all hard-driving tunes that melted the audience, though. “Lessons” was a pop-rock heartbreak tune that tugged at your heart strings and made you want to comfort the whole band. The hard hitting “Dirt” was the number of the night as the rockin’ country-metal tune left every audience member in awe. If you want to experience some great rock & roll music, check out the Renee Casanova Band live now!