Live Review: Grant Hill

The Mint Los Angeles, CA

Web: granthillmusic.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Grant Hill, guitar, vocals; Simrin Phull, lead guitar; Edwin Livingston, bass; Devin Lebsack, drums; Nelson Bragg, percussion, vocals; Joel Stites, keyboard

Material: Grant Hill is a mix of genres rolled up into a nice Americana package. One minute they sound like Bob Seger, good ol’ rock & roll, then the next they’re galloping down Sunset Blvd. as a southern rock band. The opener, “Welcome to this Life,” is a
good rock & roll tune that got things rolling. “Vibrations” quickly followed and was a slow, hard-driving rocker that took you on a journey into the past, touching your soul as you listen.

Musicianship: All the Grant Hill songs are well written, with lyrics that serve up delectable stories that everyone can relate to. “Sticks n Stones” is a beautiful tune that takes the listener from the disappointments and pain of yesteryear’s child, to today’s adult reality; same story but with a different, more encouraging outcome. The song's strong and powerful words are something you can sink your teeth into as the singer realizes his past wasn’t all that great, but is now becoming a person worthy of all the good things this world has to offer.

Performance: Grant Hill and company are very well rehearsed. Their songs sound new and fresh. Good rapport with the audience and good musicianship make for a great combination––and for a fun and uplifting performance.
A surprise guest appearance by Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Billy Idol) on “Send Me An Angel” was matched only by the surprise lead guitar dished out by Phull as they both played with a confidence and attitude that the audience clearly loved.

Summary: Hill is a prolific writer and his lyrics resonate in every song, as if he and his crew were talking right to you. They are all over the place in regards to genre, but as the music becomes a catalyst for the lyrics, they connect with the audience in a very positive way. All the musicians perform in unison and they play extremely well together. Background vocals are especially strong and each song flourishes because of it.


The latest Grant Hill album, Fly, came out in February. Check it out.