Lisa Roy: A Lyrical Life of Light, Laughter and Love

For the past two decades plus, Lisa Roy has been a well-known and highly regarded figure in the music, production and pro audio communities. She got her start in the business when she and a friend launched Ground Control Studios on L.A.’s west side. She then segued into artist and technology consulting with Rock and Roy Entertainment, spearheading artist relations for such brands as Audio-Technica, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, Roland and BOSS, to name a few. Additionally, along with longtime associate Robert Clyne, for more than 15 years Roy handled the public relations for the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy, as well as the technical public relations initiatives for the annual GRAMMY® Awards. 

There are many things that I remember about Lisa. But the three that stand out most were her ever-present smile, her love of music and her radiant spirit. She always made me think of a dancer who’d never lost her joie de vivre, and forever struck me as someone who’d benefitted from her years in the business but also managed to remain ageless. She was like a bolt of lightning wrapped in a bow… or a boa, when the occasion called for it.

She crossed paths with countless industry professionals over the years and always left everyone happier than when she’d met them. Her arrival was like a gentle breeze on a stifling July afternoon; a cup of coffee the morning after too little sleep; a mother’s kiss on the forehead after a punishing day in the second grade. I’ll always remember her bright spirit fondly. In the following pages, family, friends and colleagues share their thoughts and feelings in our tribute to a woman who lived life fully, fervently and freely. 

“There are no words to describe the sudden loss of our dear sweet Lisa. It has left a large, painful hole in our family that will be hard to ever heal. Lisa was a wonderful daughter, an incredible sister, an amazing aunt to her niece and nephews and a loving wife. She loved her family deeply.

“Lisa was kind, loving, forgiving, strong, stubborn and resilient. She laughed easily and loudly and did it all with such beauty, grace and style. She was so incredibly generous and selfless and happiest when helping others.

“One person that Lisa has always admired was Audrey Hepburn. There’s a quote from Ms. Hepburn that really describes the beautiful soul that Lisa was: ‘Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.’ You are forever in our hearts, Lisa, and we will cherish you and love you always and forever.”

–The family of Lisa Roy

“For more than 30 years, Lisa was the connecting force that tied Audio-Technica to the professional recording community. The personal and professional loss we feel is immeasurable.” 

– Kazuo Matsushita

President, Audio-Technica Corporation

“Lisa was my close friend and business colleague for more than 35 years. She was an inspiration to everyone in her presence. Lisa was thoughtful, generous, witty and completely selfless. Lisa, I love you. RIP.” 

– Eric Bettelli

Publisher, Music Connection Magazine

“Lisa entering a room was like sunshine walking in to warm your life. She wasn’t just well liked, she was WELL LOVED!”

– Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

“Whatever it was, Lisa made it happen. Whatever was needed, Lisa supplied it. Whoever needed a hand, Lisa’s was there. She missed no small point, no detail went unnoticed or overlooked. There will never be another person who gave so much with such joy and love to our business. I join the thousands of my comrades who adored, admired and now miss her.”

– Jack Douglas

“Lisa was an incredibly lovely and kind person, and her passing is an immeasurable loss for the audio community. We are so fortunate to have known her.”

– Audio Engineering Society

“Lisa brought Bud and I together and was always our biggest fan and cheerleader.  She wasn’t just our manager, she was our family and we don’t know what we’ll do without her.”

– J.D. Andrew

Billy Bob Thornton &
The Boxmasters

“Lisa was all heart and represented everything good about human nature. She devoted her life and endless energy to helping others’ dreams come true.”

– Beverly Keel

Dean of Middle Tennessee State University’s
College of Media and Entertainment

“Lisa possessed a sassy and compassionate glow that lifted the industry like a titan. It’s hard to imagine the world without her in it.”

– Michael Molenda

“Lisa was the very essence of all that is good in our industry. She treated everyone equally and with respect. She was and is irreplaceable and will forever be in our hearts.”

– Warren and Kasia Huart

“I always knew Lisa to spot people who did the right things for the right reasons. She was generous in the sharing of her spirit. Her light shone bright.

 – Gavin Lurssen

Lurssen Mastering

“Lisa was like no other. She always went out of her way to bring me into her world. Her kindness was unmatched.”

– Joe D’Ambrosio

Joe D’Ambrosio Management

“Lisa’s unique ability to initiate, organize, implement and connect people all with untold enthusiasm was bar none. She was a colleague, but especially an ardent friend. She will be truly missed.”

– Udi Henis

Waves International Marketing & Public Relations

“Lisa was sweet, smart, talented, humble, generous, extremely knowledgeable, always on point, knew everybody and could move mountains with a whisper. A radiant positive creative force with panache and pizzazz. An extraordinary woman.”

– Pierre Paradis

International Development, GSI Musique

“I met Lisa in ‘97, my world was enhanced immediately! Her integrity, passion and infectious enthusiasm influenced everyone she met! She was our North Star!”

– Rory Kaplan

“Like so many others, Lisa gave me my start in the industry where most people use their energy to gather attention for themselves. Lisa was an exception. She was a shining star that used her brilliant energy to illuminate the talents of those around her.”

– Christopher Rowe

“Lisa did what she did; she lifted us up with grace and style making us all better. It will take all of us to fill the void that she left behind.”

– Mike Myles


“Oh Lisa. What a sweet woman. It has been an honor to work with you. Thank you for everything. I always loved hearing French spoken and thank you for making the effort. A big hug from the province of Quebec, Canada.”

– Nicolas Lemieux

President, GSI Musique

“Lisa was beautiful, smart, strong, kind, generous and always fashionable no matter the occasion. Fortunate to have known her and like so many will miss her dearly”

– Shivaun O’Brien

“Lisa was a studio Angel. She helped so many people throughout her stellar career.  RIP, Lisa. You will be missed.”

– Peter Bunetta

“Grateful to Lisa for supporting my geniuses. She mixed FUN with professionalism, brought style and sparkle to our music industry. With tears and cheers!”

- Claris Sayadian-Dodge
C Artists I studioexpresso

“Lisa was the queen of cool. She knew everyone and was involved with so many artists, engineers and producers. It was inspiring to see her doing her thing. She was a dear friend and will be missed.”

– Phil Wagner

“Lisa built me into the publicist I am today. I will forever be grateful that she was such an important part of my life.”

– Nicole Cochran

Senior Publicist, Richlynn Group

“He-lllllllllOOOOOOO! I can still hear Lisa’s greeting to any of us as we entered a room at an event she had effortlessly put together with her inimitable energy, elegance and love.”

– CJ Vanston

 “Lisa was the kindest and most generous person I have ever met. This world will not be the same without her. She was loved and will be missed.”

– Julian Raymond

SVP A&R, Big Machine, John Varvatos Records

“How lucky I was to be smiled upon by the one and only Lisa Roy; her kindness, care and beautiful heart. Her sparkle was that of the truest gem.”

– Christine Wu

“Lisa was and always will be a central part of our belonging to this wonderful community of engineers and producers. She was real, humble, kind, and so amazingly dressed! She made you feel like the only person in the room. What a loss of knowledge and beauty inside and outside of this industry. We will miss the jokes between us about her delightful accent, which we could never figure out and never knew how many years young she was. Thank you Lisa for all you have done. Love forever lovely Lisa.”

– Lisa and Alan Parsons

“Lisa, who knew no strangers, was a beacon and guiding light to anyone trying to navigate their way in the music industry or in life.”

– Mike Kopp

Artist Manager

“Lisa was one of the most genuine and beautiful people I’ve ever known. She always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. You could trust her with anything - her advice [was] always sage. We are all worse from her passing and greater from her life.”

– Nathaniel Kunkel

“Lisa brought spirit and fun to so many circles, pulling the hidden strings that motivated us, creating celebrations so memorable in our musical village.”

– Mr. Bonzai

“Lisa was a beautiful human being, an amazing talent in everything she did and always had time to listen and help in any way.”

– Val Garay

“We’ll never forget her flair, accent, charm and generosity of spirit. It’s gonna be a very different world with her gone. RIP, Lisa, my love.”

– Pete Doell

Senior Mastering Engineer

“Somehow Lisa always knew when I was in town and we’d get drinks and split an order of fries. We would talk about business some but then talk about family, clothes and our dogs. I’m really going to miss her.”

– Karen Dunn

KMD Productions LLC

“Lisa’s love for Csaba is the memory of her that I hold dear. Driving LA to Las Vegas roundtrip in the same day to be sure her love was OK.”

– Zoe Thrall

Director of Studio Operations,

The Hideout Recording Studio

“We have known Lisa for years. We first met her when she was married to Csaba. Lisa was a ray of light at all times. She made you feel like you mattered in all situations and she was always simply delightful. We don’t know anyone who knew more people in the music business than Lisa, which is a testament to her kindness, generosity and charm. The world is not as good a place without her and we will miss her as we miss Csaba. God bless you Lisa Roy.”

– Martina and John McBride

“Lisa was a close and dear friend to each of us and our organization. Her vibrancy and kindness was unmatched and her loss is felt deeply.”

– The METAlliance (Chuck Ainlay, Niko Bolas, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg,
Elliot Scheiner, Jim Pace)

“There was simply no one like Lisa! Insightful and fun. And when she walked into the room, everything lit up. She knew absolutely everyone and everyone was her friend. I feel lucky to have been her friend for over 40 years and I will miss her dearly.”

– Allen Sides

“I met Lisa decades ago when she just started working in the business at Ground Control. She was the best at what she did. RIP.”

– Ellis Sorkin

Studio Referral Service Inc.

“My husband, Al Schmitt and I, loved Lisa. With her experience and boundless compassion, Lisa helped me emotionally navigate his death. I’ll miss her so.”

– Lisa Schmitt

“I’ve known Lisa for over 30 years. Everything she did in life she put 120% of herself into it, including her marriage, her friends, her business relationships. I’ll miss her smile and energy always.”

– Joe Chiccarelli

“Rarely do we get to work with and then become close with the genuinely kind, the highly intelligent and the extremely loveable. Usually it is one or the other. Lisa was all of the above.”

- Brian Kraft

Recording Connection

“If I was interested in a piece of gear, Lisa would have it set up in my studio in under 24 hours. No fuss, no NAMM, no problem.”

– Rami Jaffee

“Most, if not all of us, have known Lisa for a very long time and we’ve all loved and will go on loving her. I will miss you, Lisa.”
– Matthew Wilder

“In our industry, our colleagues are often also our personal friends. I knew Lisa for many years, from managing Ground Control Studios to leading tours of the astounding backstage tech setup of the GRAMMY Awards, she was always in the highest of heels. Her kind heart and unlimited capacity for creativity is reflected in the outpouring from so many, now that she is gone. I won’t say RIP since Lisa wasn’t big on rest. Instead, I give thanks for having had her in my life.”

– Maureen Droney

The Recording Academy P&E Wing 

“Lisa was uniquely talented and universally admired. Her irrepressibly genuine enthusiasm and wholly original sense of style were matched only by her profound and detailed understanding of how making records actually works.”

– Peter Asher


“Sweet Lisa. In my heart every day. Her sweet cheerful voice, always inviting and inspiring. She shared fun, beauty, fashion and love of life so graciously. Missing you!”

– Paula Salvatore

VP Client Relations & Studio Marketing, UMG

“Lisa was amazing. She would take the time to introduce you to anyone—and there was no one she didn’t know. She was a beautiful soul and will be missed.”

– Russ Long

“Lisa came into the NAMM family with the TEC Awards and subsequently became an invaluable part of our NAMM Show planning. Her sudden passing has left us heartbroken but determined to continue her legacy of selfless service, something she did better than anyone.”

– Joe Lamond

“When I first met Lisa, I was taken with her style paired with her vast knowledge of all things audio: the business, the equipment and most of all her deep connection with the people who make it. I am honored to have known her and always looked forward to our time together.”

– Lisa Loeb

“Lisa was a trailblazing businesswoman. Honest, wise, generous, sincere, enchanting, gracious, professional. Always ahead of her time.”

– Jim and Helene Ladd

“Our planet has lost one of its brightest lights in our Lisa Roy. We are all better humans because of her. There can never be another and there will forever be a hole in our hearts. We LOVE you Lisa. Thank you so much for being on this ride with us.”

– Chris Halon


“Lisa was one of the most honest, sincere and caring people that I have ever known. Her passion and drive came through in everything she did. She was the glue for so many relationships in the music industry.”

– David A. Helfant

Arpeggio Entertainment

“Lisa was the big sister our pro audio community depended on. She kept our family together in so many ways and we all miss her!

 – Chris Lord-Alge

“Lisa was Tinkerbell flying into a room and lighting it up. She was loyal, generous intelligent, hardworking and a fashionista. She loved a martini, French fries, caviar and sushi. But most of all she loved Danny and Trixi. She will be deeply missed.”

– Rose Mann

“Lisa was truly a unique figure in our recording community. Her dedication to creativity and technology was felt profoundly by artists, producers and manufacturers alike.”

– Rob Goodchild

“I was introduced to Lisa by Phil Ramone on my first day as the director of The P&E Wing. Phil said she would be my ‘secret weapon’ and I hired her. She was exactly that and so much more—one of my closest friends and like family. The last project we did together was the cover story for this issue. I’ll miss her forever.”

– Leslie Lewis

Leslie Lewis Consulting

“Lisa was a bright light in this world. With her exuberance, style, finesse and passion, she was one of a kind.  Miss you immensely. RIP, Bella.

 – Lucy Sabini

Lucia Media Group

“Lisa defined ‘inspirational.’ Her inspiration helped me to make sure at its inception that The Bakery was taking flight. I’ll never forget her loving care.” 

– Eric Boulanger

The Bakery

“Words cannot describe Lisa’s presence. She’s left a huge void in our industry and in our hearts. Much love to you, Lisa!”

– Ryan Hewitt

“Thank you Lisa for your kindness, your big heart, your ability to light up any room and most of all for your friendship.”

– Chris Schmitt

“P&E Wing to Alan Parsons, Ed Cherney to the Immediate Family, Lisa made things happen. I will miss her kind and generous soul forever.”

– Ken Rose

“Lisa was a bright light in all our lives. I called her ‘Tinkerbell:’ that beautiful energy that lights up everything and everyone it touches. A shadow has fallen over us with her passing.”

– Candace Stewart

“Dear Lisa was the embodiment of our industry. Smart, caring, sexy, passionate, spiritual. A survivor. All madly in love with her. Heaven received a superstar.”

– Herb Trawick
and Dave Pensado

“Lisa absolutely changed the lives of everyone she worked with. I was one of those she touched. We all will not be the same without her.”

– Jack Joseph Puig

PuigChild Studio, Hollywood, CA

“Lisa was an expert at connecting human beings and in doing so she made the music industry feel closer, more personal and more authentic.”

 – Meg Travis

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

“Lisa. Charming super-power who made magic happen. Relentless. Defined the meaning of the words ‘I’m on it!’ Generous. Selfless. Delighted in sharing a behind-the-scenes laugh.”

– Peter Chaikin

“Lisa was a bright light. Wherever you are, Lisa, I know you are the best-dressed angel in the room and a fabulous party is being planned. We will miss your spirit always.”

– Sharon Corbitt

All Good Factory

“Lisa was a remarkable person who championed the GRAMMY Museum since the very beginning. Her support was immeasurable and she will be deeply missed.”

– Lynne Sheridan


“As a professional or a friend, Lisa was always there to lend a hand, an ear, or simply encouragement and always with a warm, genuine smile. She will be missed.”

– Steve Genewick

“She brought a huge heart, beauty and instinct that put a sheen of glamor and joy and importance on our little businesses. There will never be another Lisa.” 

– Jeff Greenberg and Tina Morris

The Village