Live Review: Fox Violet

The Hotel Café  Hollywood, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: instagram.com/fox_violets

Material: Thea Juliette is the sole writer, producer, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for her band Fox Violet. The Europe-based outfit played the Hotel Café on a beautiful autumn evening, producing music with a ‘60s, grunge/pop vibe, complete with super-angry vocals and eerie guitar tones. The music—hard-driving most of the time—had its tender moments. “Trenches” is a standout, starting slow and mellow as it chronicles a teenager getting irritated with life and having to face their darkest fears. The song reaches a crescendo with a most moving finale, providing a very touching moment. 

Musicianship: The musicianship at this Hotel Café gig was good. The band really put out and had fun. The bass player was great to watch, dancing and whipping her hair back and forth, so into the music. She and the drummer were in sync, partners in crime in the art of being a great rhythm section. So solid was the rhythm section that it gave the guitarist a lot of room to move around and play with the sounds from his ax. 

    “Who Are You” brought out the guitar player’s abilities and creativity. He was so perfectly blended that, at times, you suspected it was a keyboard player making those noises, but it was actually the guitar, full of funky, psychedelic sounds. The vocals were a bit weak, at times, but Juliette got her point across with powerful, angry songs that made you think.  

Performance: Standout players at this show were the bass player and the guitar player, who were extremely animated and gave the whole Fox Violet vibe a boost. Meanwhile, the delivery of the lyrics was a forceful act that gave the songs life and brought everything together. 

Summary: Thea Juliette brings with her a grunge/pop album full of influences that include Radiohead, R.E.M. and Pink Floyd, music that is laden with synthesizer effects and lyrics filled with angst and distress. Songs like “Floating Out of My Skin” will take you to places you’ve never been to before. Very moody tunes sometimes lead you to places you would rather not be. The music is unconventional, at times, but the sulky, sullen lyrics are compelling and will pull you through. If you like heavy lyrics paired with dark, upbeat music, Fox Violet is your kind of band. •