Live Review: False Puppet at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA

Material: False Puppet is a pop/blues-rock band with multi-faceted genre leanings. They have early 2000’s pop rock tendencies fleshed out by blues-style guitar and bass. Vocally, they provide intriguing rock melodies and tones, occasionally weaving into pop, jazz and soul.
Their personas attract a young demographic ranging from pop, alternative, rock and even metal listeners, an aspect that earned them a spot on Warped Tour 2015.

Musicianship: Tyler Benko and Peake guide the vocals through softly strong harmo-
nies while Brennan Benko provides intense percussion that impress without overpowering. Every aspect of the band’s music is performed with an authenticity that rounds out their sound. Tyler Benko’s guitar work is reminiscent of the classic rock era. The band appear to be comfortable with each other, but still prove their dedication to growth as artists.

Performance: The trio took the stage with a laid-back demeanor that spoke to their Southern California roots. They began with two of their older songs that were supported by passion and technical talent but, at times, seemed unfocused or cluttered. However, when the band transitioned into their more blues-rock and newer songs, it found its sweet spot.

Tyler Benko’s voice melted over a smooth but thundering bass as the percussion beat out a perfect rhythm. It was here that the band knew how much was too much and throttled the line with enticing and engaging skill. Their cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” proved they know the ins and outs of blues-style rock. The lyrics and melody seemed at home with the consistent bass, seductive vocals and subtly strong guitar solo.

Summary: False Puppet is in a transition but an exciting one. As they explore blues-rock, the band will still have to learn how to integrate their roots into their musical evolution.
Overall, False Puppet has unique appeal. The three members are attractive but edgy, their music is commercial yet authentic with a sound that is both classic-rock influenced and fresh. They corner an area of the industry that starts in all-ages alternative venues but can easily maneuver into mainstream and stadium shows.

The Players: Tyler Benko, vocals, guitar; Channing Peake, bass, vocals; Brennan Benko, drums.

Venue: Chain Reaction
City: Anaheim, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Photo by Malorie McCall.