Looped Connects Fans and Artists

Launched in October of 2019, Looped is a global virtual venue using proprietary technology to bring fans closer to their favorite talent for once-in-a-lifetime events and build community through shared experiences. Looped’s custom technology, production, and ticketing solutions connect individuals from around the world into one seamless virtual venue, and ensures every attendee has the best seat in the house.  Looped is the only app in the space that connects fans to their favorite talent one-on-one via patented video chat technology.

In 2020, Looped brought fans front row for interactive livestreams, and added real-time fan widgets including merch, polling, games, and a global chat. They brought fans backstage for a 1-1 conversation with the talent themselves and is kicking off 2021 by adding private suites to the virtual venue, pulling fans onstage to the broadcast, and putting them in the venue for events seeking to further enhance the experience for the fans.

To date, Looped has hosted more than 250,000 fans and welcomed more than 1,00 creators, helping them earn more than $5M in 2020.

From its global chat room, backstage experience, virtual meet & greet technology, virtual venue suites, ability to bring people onstage, live polling, and more, Looped provides interactivity amongst the fans and creators unlike any other platform.

More information at loopedlive.com.