Live Review: Andrea Von Kampen at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA

Material: Indie singer-songwriter Andrea von Kampen has only officially been on the scene since 2015, but she is clearly a born performer. Her stage presence, pure vocal talent, and authentic interaction with her audience leave you smitten. From the Simon & Garfunkel-esque feel of “Julia” to the hints of bluegrass in “Two Stupid Kids,” the scat stylings of “Daybreak,” and the haunting vocals of “Teton,” von Kampen’s show is stunning and uniquely soulful.

Musicianship: The ease of interplay and captivating melodies wrought by von Kampen and her talented duo—Jessica Hanson on violin (“Motherland,” “Let Me Down Easy,” and “That Spell”) and Stephen Cantarero on upright bass (especially his lines in “Daybreak”)—prove intoxicating. While the listener is left with no doubt about the group’s musical ability, there is also a gentleness and subtlety to their presentation that keeps you entranced and wanting more. The show opener, “Motherland,” drew the room in immediately with von Kampen’s lush vocals and gentle guitar picking and her bandmates’ smooth, balanced strings.

Performance: Sassy and playful, von Kampen is clearly at home engaging her audience with sharp storytelling, both in performance and in the banter between songs, and the show feels like an intimate conversation with good friends. Her sense of humor and charming confidence make her often poignant lyrics all the more endearing. Effortless octave leaps in “Let Me Down Easy,” seamless vocal runs in “Portland” and “Desdemona”—no forced emotion or unnecessary frills here—and a warm harmonic blend of violin and vocal licks on “Let Me Down Easy” and “That Spell” combine for an honest, thrilling delivery.

Summary: Beautiful violin and vocal pairings, upbeat fiddle solos, and gentle bass lines, together with von Kampen’s delicious range, made for absolute musical magic. Founded on the heartfelt performance of personal tales, this group is definitely on the road to great things. Exquisite vocals over a dreamy combination of strings make von Kampen’s trio a truly satisfying live musical experience.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: andreavonkampen.com

Players: Andrea von Kampen, acoustic guitar and vocals; Jessica Hanson, violin; Stephen Cantarero, bass