Natalie Clark

Live Reviews: Natalie Clark at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA

Material: Kicking off the launch of her first EP, Head North, Natalie Clark was an absolute dynamo from beginning to end and brought a refreshing burst of talent and a graceful power to the stage. From the beautiful harmonies and phenomenal soprano lines of “Here,” to the sassy country flavor of “Grown Ass Woman” and “More Than A Mountain,” Clark’s vocal stylings feel like a seamless nod to both Adele and Feist. She was spirited and entertaining throughout the show, and her lovely Scottish brogue left an endearing impression.

Musicianship: Accompanied by a polished and engaging group of talented musicians, Clark and her band delivered a fantastic concert. Kylie Rothfield’s beautiful guitar lines on “Heaviest Low” were stunning, and the vocal harmonies between Rothfield, Clark and Ryan Nealon on “Here” and “Grown Ass Woman” were perfectly intertwined, creating warm melodic lines from heartfelt lyrics that speak to Clark’s journey from education to music and the challenges of being an artist. All members of this perfectly balanced group appeared to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

Performance: Clark captivated with her vulnerable engagement of the crowd, authentic nervous energy and seemingly effortless soprano passages that blended pop with Americana and country to create a spellbinding sound. While not on the EP, her impromptu cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was an absolute delight and showed off Clark’s unique stylings and incredible vocal ability. Her self- assured presence gives her an easy command of the stage without coming across as bossy or overbearing—a rare gift and especially surprising given that this was her first time ever performing with a live band.

Summary: Clark is definitely one to watch. Her gentle, honest lyrics and genuine stage persona combine with fantastic vocal prowess and an inner fire committed to delivering the best for her audience. She is very clear about who she is and what she wants to say, and her show is an easy, fun journey for those who enjoy a pure, relaxing and uplifting night out.

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Players: Natalie Clark, lead vocals, guitar; Kyle Rothfield, guitar, backing vocals; Bret Paddock, keyboard, piano; Ryan Nealon, backing vocals; Johannes Gritschacher, drums