Fab Factory Entertainment Makes Major Investment in Lux Angeles Studios

Bottom Row: Lenny Vitulli, Thomas Walton, Matt Macur Top Row: Damien Douglas, Jared Safier. Photo by: Matt Macur

Fab Factory Entertainment, the full-service artistic development company driven by cutting-edge creators in music, television and film, announced today that they have made a major investment in Lux Angeles Studios, a four-time Emmy Award winning movie production house. As part of the deal, Lux Angeles has moved into Fab Factory’s new address in a state-of-the-art 66,000 square foot production/post-production facility in Hollywood.

Lux Angeles Studios was founded in 2020 by four partners, each of whom have deep resumes in L.A.’s film and television creative community. Between them, Founding Partners and Principals Matthew Macur, Jared Safier, Lenny Vitulli, and Thomas Walton, have numerous writing, directing, producing, cinematography and editing credits across film, television, commercials and music videos.

“Jared, Lenny, Matt and Tom are the quintessential Hollywood entrepreneurs, brilliantly talented with boundless energy and an uncompromising vision of building a next generation production house,” said Rebecca O’Hara, Co-CEO of  Fab Factory Entertainment. “Lux Angeles is the perfect partner for us as we continue to expand our creative footprint in Hollywood.”

Lux Angeles Studios’ reputation for delivering high-quality productions has made them a go-to choice for some of the top productions in the entertainment industry. With their comprehensive approach to production, Lux Angeles Studios is committed to helping their clients achieve their creative vision.

“Rebecca, [Fab Factory Co-CEO] Steve Fabos and everyone at Fab Factory has been enormously supportive of our vision to build Lux Angeles Studios into a next generation creative enterprise,” said Lux Angeles Principal, Matthew Macur. “Being one of the first companies to work out of their state-of-the art facility in Hollywood has been amazing for our entire team and is reinforcing our foundation as we continue to grow.”

Last month, Fab Factory Entertainment announced an investment in James DuBose’s In The Black Network, the AVOD streaming service that highlights Black voices and original stories that are culturally significant and relatable for all audiences.

Fab Factory is not exactly a newcomer to the entertainment scene. For the past 8 years they’ve been growing and operating a sprawling music, postproduction and rehearsal space just a few miles away in North Hollywood. Fab Factory Studios has had its share of big artists, film and television projects come through its doors, including such blockbuster movies as INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY, THE FLASH, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER and music projects from the Jimi Hendrix and Prince estates, as well as 50 Cent, acclaimed producer Keith Harris, GRAMMY Award winner Estelle, Joji, and many more.