Video of the Week: Doja Cat Drops Her Masc

Grammy-winning artist Doja Cat has just released deluxe album Scarlet 2 CLAUDE via Kemosabe Records/ RCA Records. The release coincides with the drop of a new video for "Masc," a song from the album.

The video (plus the song) features a guest from Teezo Touchdown, and it was directed and shot in Los Angeles by Doja Cat and Jamal Peters.

"Don't you make me put you on the couch again, don't you make me kick you out the house again," Doja sings, leading to the refrain of "we're too grown, for this shit."

Apparently, Doja and her beau have been arguing and he's in trouble.

For the bulk of the video, a silhouetted Doja is dancing alone, setting a haunting tone. At one point, she casts a bat-like shadow which feels like a callback to the "Demons" video.

When Teezo Touchdown shows up, he's sporting some gloriously elaborate outfits. He only has a few lines, but they're very effective in portraying the turmoil Doja is experiencing in the song.

"Last year, Doja Cat released her highly anticipated and critically acclaimed fourth studio album, Scarlet," reads the press release. "The album featured smash hits such as 'Attention,''“Paint The Town Red,' 'Agora Hills,' and more. Her hit single, 'Paint The Town Red' spent three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at No. 1; that marked the first rap song to hit No.1 on the Hot 100 Chart last year. In addition, the song was No. 1 for a total of four consecutive weeks on the Billboard Global 200 Chart. Furthermore, Doja Cat’s fan favorite track 'Agora Hills' went No. 1 at Top 40 Radio in February 2024 making it her eighth No. 1 at the format. 'Agora Hills' also peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart."

Doja Cat's "Masc" feat. Teezo Touchdown is out now.

(Photo Credit: Braylen Dion)