Julie Othmer

DIY Spotlight: Julia Othmer

Julia Othmer is the epitome of a DIY artist. The Kansas City native, who now makes her home in Los Angeles, has been working tirelessly, putting everything she has into her art. Growing significantly since her debut album, Oasis Motel, this determined artist has meticulously worked and reworked songs for her upcoming album, Sound, and is ready to take the next step––without a label, management or an agent.

So, what makes her different from any other artist in the same situation? She has combined her musical and creative ability with her equally driven partner and collaborator, producer James T. Lundie, to create a production team that oversees all aspects of her art completely in-house.

This dynamic duo recorded, mixed and mastered the new album at their home studio with only one guest appearing on it, their pitbull Mary. They then took it a step further by creating all the album’s artwork and promotional materials, editing the music video for the first single “Hungry Days (Make Me Feel)” and are working on videos for the next few singles.

Julia Othmer has performed alongside Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris and Heart without the assistance of an industry rep. Indeed, she is a prime example of what an artist can accomplish with a small, yet talented team who throw their life into a project.

For more information, check out juliaothmer.com