Case Barge live review

Live Review: Case Bargé at Art Share LA in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Case Bargé is a hip-hop artist, formerly from Cleveland, who has moved to Los Angeles to make it big. He is the owner and co-founder of Aloof Records. His songs are enveloped in background music that Reasor provides while Bargé floridly chimes the lyrics, which are extremely poetic, but with little structure to them.

Musicianship: Slam Poetry-style rap comes to mind as the listener is driven down the back streets of Ohio where Bargé grew up. It’s more about the lyrics than about how they are placed within the music. Bargé has strong and confident vocals and he delivers clever flows—at one point he blurts out “wrong track, wrong track” at the end of a song. Part of the song? Who knows.

Performance: An experienced live act, Bargé has played a number of venues, such as Los Globos, paying his dues and lighting up the local scene. It’s little wonder then that performance is his strongest suit. He not only engages the audience with good eye contact, but he’s a natural performer who exhibits a keen sensitivity. He knows how to get his audience involved, rapping to them as if he’s telling their story on a one-on-one basis.

Summary: There was a sense of positive vibes as the set started out, but it transitioned to aggression and malice. There were clandestine messages that made you curious at first, but then F-bombs were dropped during “Affliction” and “Letem Live” that made you re-evaluate the artist in general.

Though it amounted to an inconsistent performance, Case Bargé is an artist who shows a lot of potential and, with a bit more rehearsing and polishing, the possibility of getting to the next level in his career.

The Players: Case Bargé, vocals; Anthony Reasor, DJ.

Photo by Pierce Brochetti

Venue: Art Share LA
Los Angeles, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: CaseBarge.com

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