RADD launches Plan Ahead campaign

RADD Partners with Talent to Launch "Plan Ahead" Campaign

The Entertainment Industry's Voice For Road Safety, RADD, has launched a College DUI Awareness campaign utilizing emerging talent to promote responsible driving, backed by a $835,000 grant from the California Office Of Traffic Safety (OTS). The company is currently on 40 college campuses, reaching a combined student population of 960,000, in an effort to reduce DUI arrests and fatalities associated with impaired driving.

RADD's campaign is targeting the college and bar going demographic ages 21 - 34.  The goal is to encourage everyone to "plan ahead" with a designated driver, ride share, cab or alternate form of transportation, because drinking and driving is not an option. The organization’s peer-to-peer style places safety first in a non-judgemental manner, which has proven to connect with this mobile community.

The organization has successfully partnered with KROQ’s Weenie Roast, Jam In The Van and LA Crawl among others to get the conversation started.

Nate Ruess of fun., the Soft White Sixties and Love and The Zealous have spoken about the RADD campaign.

For more information, visit RADD.org.