Focusrite RedNet at Marshall Studio

Taking A Tour Around Marshall's State-Of-The-Art Studio

Marshall Amplification is synonymous with guitar amplifiers since 1962, and its offerings are still as relevant today as they were back then – and just as popular. When it comes to audio it's fair to say that Marshall knows a thing or two and Marshall's state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio is a testament to their expertise. However, creating the perfect studio wasn't straightforward, even for experts like Marshall.

“I don't think anyone at Marshall, including myself, had any idea of… just how much is involved in building a world-class recording studio", said Adam Beer, Studio Manager at Marshall. What complicated the build over and above the normal difficulties was the installation of a vintage Neve 8048 console. Marshall's Neve is a classic 70's desk that provides warmth, clarity, and that sought-after Neve sound. It was originally in the Pathé Marconi Studio D in Paris.

Easy Equipment Connection With RedNet

“[When we got the Neve] we split the console in two, the patch bay at the end became the centre. This enables you to have Pro Tools, your mouse and your keyboard looking straight at the console", Adam continues.