Kim Ann Foxman Launches Firehouse Records

fab151cc-3c2f-4eac-8133-66591a7075ddKim Ann Foxman has launched her own record label Firehouse in association with London based music and arts label, The Vinyl Factory, inspired by her New York residence.

“Early this year I moved into an amazing space in Brooklyn, it is an old firehouse. It is my base where my friends come over and I have a studio.”

Hailing from Hawaii, she is a rare visionary who yearns to celebrate the golden era of authentic dance music. After a brief move to San Francisco, she made her home in New York, surrounded by hedonists, freaks and people from all walks of life. Since Kim Ann stepped away from singing with New York’s neo­disco collective Hercules and Love Affair she has become a force to be reckoned with, rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music.

“Firehouse will be super­dynamic, gorgeous and weird. I want to represent New York, represent its flavor and be a part of the music history that it is so abundant here. I will embrace music that I feel. It’s gotta have vibes! It’s gotta have passion, it’s gotta have heart.”

"It’s All About You" is hypnotic and deep, creating wistful loops and hooks around Kim Ann’s own subtle vocals. Her beguiling style is also eminent in "Steal My Secrets."

“I am going back to the era of experimentation, creating little moments, creating my own samples, and putting a lot of care into it. My music is much more handled than just clicked with a mouse. For example, I’m not just going to sing. I’m going to fricking lay on the ground with a poster tube and scream my lyrics into the microphone or whatever. I’ve been making the production more about the process than ever before, choosing my own adventures.”

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The Vinyl Factory encompasses a record label, vinyl pressing plant, record shop Phonica, music mag FACT, and arts activities including commissions, exhibitions and collaborations between musicians & contemporary artists such as Massive Attack, Martin Creed, Bryan Ferry and Dinos Chapman.