Jon Bon Jovi Asks Fans To Help Him Write Lyrics To A Song

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jon Bon Jovi spent much of last week helping to feed those in need at his JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant in Red Bank, NJ. Jon was seen washing dishes, which was captured in the photo below, and it was posted with his words in the caption “If You Can’t Do What You Do…Do What You Can.” Jon’s songwriter mind immediately went into action. But when he sat down to finish the song, he became acutely aware of the shared emotions and experience that all Americans are living through.

This unique moment in time is not about what one person is experiencing, it's about what we ALL are experiencing. So, he decided he would write the first verse and the chorus and then ask America to "write their verse" and tell their story. Anyone can send Jon lyrics or better yet their performance of their verse on Instagram to his website. #DoWhatYouCan