Join the Edward Van Halen Memorial Anniversary Events

With EDWARD VAN HALEN’s Memorial One Year Anniversary of his Passing October 6th coming, several MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS, who were involved in the hometown memorials last year, are planning & putting on 5 Days of Celebrations in his hometown of Pasadena, CA of EVH’s Incredible Life & Impact on the MUSIC WORLD, for his fans, friends, classmates & supporters!



Wed. Oct 6 :  Candlelight Vigil – @VH Childhood Home : Las Lunas – 6-9pm : (3 Nights all Celebrating the 3 Main Decades – 70s * 80s * 90s of VH Albums & original Trailblazing Tours) 


Thurs. Oct. 7 :  Candlelight Vigil – @VH Childhood Home : Las Lunas – 6-9pm


Fri. Oct. 8 :  Candlelight Vigil – VH Childhood Home : Las Lunas – 6-8pm, then moving a block to ‘The HQ’ @Allen & Villa :  8-10pm for Friday Night! - at VH’s neighborhood Liquor Store & Backyard Party flyer pickup location


Sat. Oct. 9 :  10am-Noon Vigil in Victory Park  at the giant ‘V’ of rocks & flowers @corner Altadena Dr & Paloma St (we the fans are unofficially proclaiming it, & are proposing to City of Pasadena to add a plaque here, to call the corner ‘Van Halen Field’ @ VictoryPark) where the brothers walked through daily ’68-‘73 on way to Pasadena High School, that ‘V’ should stand for the mighty VAN HALEN!


Sun. Oct. 10 : 10am-1pm Celebration for EVH at Pasadena High parking lot on Sierra Madre by the giant PHS/Bulldogs Murals on Buildings, playing Ed’s music, loud & proud in cars & reliving his & classmates Lunch Breaks & before School rituals; & it’s the 50th Anniversary celebration of Alex graduating at PHS in ’71!

*Come celebrate EDWARD VAN HALEN’s awesome life & music, on the Anniversary of his passing! Brought to you by ‘VAN HALEN LEGENDS’ podcast, on the #1 streaming platform worldwide SPOTIFY(search ‘VAN HALEN LEGENDS’ on Spotify search bar).

For more details & to hear about ongoing VH related events & more, call the Hotline at 714-664-5150 or email: [email protected].


“Edward & VAN HALEN’s music changed the Music World & all of our lives”, exclaims VAN HALEN LEGENDS podcast host JAY ROCC, “& his passing came as a shock, & we NEED to come together again, a year after the Memorials & let the World know we Miss Him Greatly & He Will NEVER Be Forgotten!”


Jay further added “We are calling out to Friends & Classmates of not only Edward Van Halen, but also Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, & Michael Anthony to join us & Special Guests, to honor Ed & his special band, crews, & area supporters that helped launch the HALL OF FAME Group!” We also hope to be celebrating the Naming of a New Park in Pasadena in Edward’s name!  You can VOTE till 4pm pst Fri. Sept. 24 at: https://bit.ly/3zkHS8M

*About VAN HALEN LEGENDS podcast : One of the Pioneering podcasts to include Music, via association with the World’s leading streaming platform SPOTIFY; playing full VAN HALEN Songs for Premium users, & 30 Sec Song Clips for Users of the Free plan. News & info from the VH World are also included in the podcasts, with New Episodes added weekly. https://anchor.fm/dashboard  FB link: https://bit.ly/3CrgRT8.

If you have VAN HALEN Stories, (knew them growing up, attending backyard parties, worked with them, met them on tour, or other stories) share the joy & call the hotline 714-664-5150.