It's Here! SABIAN Introduces HHX Dominator Chinese Cymbal

In honor of their friend and partner, Dom Famularo, SABIAN announced the release of the 20” HHX Dominator Chinese cymbal.

Known as Drumming’s Global Ambassador, Dom Famularo was among the most influential and beloved drummers, teachers and motivators in the world. A SABIAN artist since 1985, Dom was synonymous with the company, sharing their passion for artistry, dedication to craft, and family. Dom passed in September 2023, and to honor his association and friendship with the company, SABIAN has released the 20" HHX Dominator Chinese in his honor.  

Dom famously played his Chinas by striking the edge from both sides in succession, so much so that he actually removed tension from the lips of his HHX China cymbals, which gave them a distinctive, wavy appearance. By applying a special lathing process to the top of the Dominator, SABIAN’s artisans were able to emulate this effect, which along with a raw bell and HHX hammering, makes for a freer, trashier instrument that opens up fast for a quick, dark attack.

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