instrumental music

Instrumental Music Needed for Prime Time Competition Show

Busy music production house is immediately seeking instrumental music for a prime time network competition-style show.

Job# 6222

Music with a steady pulse that works under dialog with a swell to hit to sustain end. Music should be 1.5 min in length. Touch of 60's spy would be great open to other EDM styles.

Please, nothing orchestral.

Job# 6223

Modern Spy:
Seeking tracks that have a modern 60's sound. Will need upbeat, tension, fun instrumentals in this style. In the ballpark of Oceans 11 soundtrack, but not as Jazzy more of a spy feel.

Feel It Still By Portugal The Man
Oceans 11 ($165 Million + Interest (INTO) The round

Job# 6224

Upbeat Energetic:

Strange Vacation by Quest for Fire
Best Friend by Foster The People
What are we Stealing by David Homes (Oceans 11)

Job# 6225

Seeking Fun/Goofy/Quirky/Cute music. Great to have tracks that have a steady groove.

Job# 6226

Seeking Upbeat Ska

She's Kerosene by The Interrupters


Please, instrumental music only.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Non-exclusive deal; 100% of writers share. The show is on a network with good backed.

Deadline: ASAP; The sooner the better; Dec. 6 unless selected before this date and the job is closed early.