DMC DJ Battle Event

DMC Online DJ

DMC World has announced the 2015 DMC DJ Battle Event Schedule. DMC USA makes it a cultural imperative to ensure that this pyrotechnic style of Hip Hop DJing continues to progress, inspire more practitioners to enter and reach more fans.

2015 DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP: March 1 - June 30
Any DJ from anywhere in the world can enter, for free, using any gear they chose. DJs can begin uploading their two min. sets on March 1.
Videos for Round 1 go live on March 10. There will be 8 rounds of two weeks each.
The 2015 DMC Online Finals will take place on July 15.

Teams will compete online this year with the winning team performing live at the DMC World DJ Championships in London (October).
Two rounds of two weeks each. Any equipment. 2-4 DJs, self-filmed.
At last, DJs can form teams, in any country, and find themselves performing at the DMC World Finals in London.

2015 DMC VISUAL DJ CHAMPIONSHIP! Aug. 25 - Sept. 22
DMC is challenging DJs to new levels of creativity using film and music production.
One round of four weeks. The finals for this competition will take place on Sept. 22, and the champion will be announced on Sept. 29.

2015 DMC PURE SCRATCH COMPETITION - Dates to be Announced
DMC will launch the Pure Scratch competition later this year.
Four rounds of one week each.
DMC USA plans to have a live Scratch competition in California for 2015.

This is DMC's first and legendary category. DJs compete with a two minute elimination set, and the top DJs who make the Finals go on to perform a six minute showcase. DVS is permitted and vinyl is always welcome.

DMC BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY - Classic Head to Head DJ Battle!
DJs are paired off to battle two rounds of 90 seconds each--vinyl only--until only one DJ is left standing. This battle is full of skill, disses, showmanship, comedy and more!

For additional information, please visit dmcdjonline.com.